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History Of Klapec Auto Body

Way back in 1981, at the age of 18, Mike Klapec was working as a maintenance man for his Dad's gravel business, when he wrecked his car and discovered that the Auto Body Business was lacking some very important factors. It was then that Mike decided his path in life and began fixing cars in hisDad's 1500 square foot garage and foundedm his business on the very principles that other shops seemed to be lacking, guaranteed quality and courteous service.

By 1985, Mike hired his very first employee, and to this day, he still works for Klapec Auto Body. In the early years, Mike worked 18 hours a day, 7 days a week because he has great passion for fixing cars. He loved to take things that were all bent and broken and ugly and restore them to shiny and new.

Klapec Auto Body has outgrown their old building in every single department. Moving
into our new 25,000 square feet building next to Wal Mart in Cranberry has allowed us
to cut down the cycle time.We now can fix a car in l/3 the time. We are so excited
about our new location because it is so convenient to all of the surrounding communities from Emlenton to Cochrantan to Clarion to Titusville.

We have also added a brand new third truck to our towing fleet. Enterprise rental has also
moved with us to our new location allowing us to provide our customers everything they need when they are involved in an accident. From towing to car rental to state of the art, quick convenient and affordable repair, once our customers see what is possible, they will agree that Klapec Auto Body is the best choice.

We have 24 hour towing!